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NZ Native Bush

Riparian in action from a
selection of NZ Natives
right from our own nursery.

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Experienced Riparian Planting
and Planning with increased
survival rates, 97% average
last ten years of droughts.

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Guarantees your post-planting $$$
Funding Criteria

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Riparian Management

Welcome to Cambrilea, where we are dedicated to ensuring your growing experience starts off on the right foot. We believe in providing the finest native plants that thrive and survive in their new environment.

Seeing is believing – View our comparisons. 

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We use BIG 1-litre pots to increase our plant survival rates. We understand the frustration of investing time and money $$ into plants that struggle to adapt and thrive. That’s why we use 1lt grade pots to increase the potential for our BIG plants to survive and flourish.

Why settle for less when you can choose Cambrilea? Our native plants provide a winning combination that guarantees your riparian success. Join our growing community of satisfied customers who have experienced the remarkable difference that Cambrilea brings to their projects with their larger grade pots and plants, with over 2 million plus supplied and planted.

Discover the Cambrilea advantage today and give your native plants the start they deserve.