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claim carbon credits

claim carbon credits

Comparison 0.5 Litre T28s vs BIG 1 Litre Grade Plants

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Big Plant 1 Litre WS

We use BIG 1 Litre pots to increase our plant survival rates. We understand the frustration of investing time and money $$ into plants that struggle to adapt and thrive. That’s why we use 1 Litre grade pots to increase the potential for our BIG plants to survive and flourish.

Guarantees your $ Post Planting FUNDING criteria and SURVIVAL RATES

Why settle for less when you can choose CAMBRILEA? Our native plants provide a winning combination that guarantees your riparian success. Join our growing community of satisfied customers who have experienced the remarkable difference CAMBRILEA brings to their projects with their larger grade pots and plants, with over 2 million plus supplied and planted.

Discover the CAMBRILEA advantage today and give your native plants the start they deserve.

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Our 1 Litre pots supplied by Daltons are 100% recyclable and can be reused time and time again until damaged. Then, they are Recycled (turned into pellets) into new Pots/Trays, unlike 0.5 Litre T28 trays that end up in landfills after one or two uses.


“Cambrilea and its many clients are proud to disclose our contribution to the greater environment and waterways of New Zealand: over 2 million plus native trees and plants lovingly nurtured and established within our very own nursery.”

Cambrilea Riparian Planting

2017 Before

Cambrilea Riparian Established

2021 After

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Cambrilea Riparian Planting

2017 Before

Cambrilea Riparian Established

2021 After

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Claim Carbon Credits through Riparian Planting

Charlie & Helen Lea, Waikato supreme award winners 2017 “Ballance Farm Environment Awards”, are seasoned farmers with over 30 years of experience who are deeply committed to enhancing the New Zealand farming landscape by focusing on riparian planting. With Helen, a Landscape Architect, Charlie focuses on reducing environmental impacts and restoring waterways through native planting.

Cambrilea Weed Spraying specialises in native planting within the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. By engaging their services, you benefit from the expertise of an experienced farmer who understands the importance of stock flow and animal welfare through riparian restoration, beautification, land stabilisation, and revegetation. In addition, their approach allows for natural ecological processes to thrive.

Cambrilea’s native plants are sourced from their own on-farm nursery, where the CWS staff remains busy planting during winter.

Discover more about their process and planning, and even explore the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint through credits.

Ballance Farm Environment Awards

Cambrilea Aquatic R.C.As (Registered Chemical Applicators) professionals protecting our waterways & environment


Weed Spraying Services for the Waikato and Beyond


“Since 1997, Cambrilea has been the trusted name in efficient weed spraying services, catering to Waikato and beyond. As one of New Zealand’s premier weed spraying contractors, we take pride in our extensive expertise and unmatched track record.

When tackling persistent invaders like ragwort, thistle, gorse, broom, blackberry, and pampas, Cambrilea Weed Spraying is the team you can rely on. Our exceptional services are tailored for large-scale land areas, making us the preferred choice for farmers, landowners, and local authorities.

Rest assured, Cambrilea is GROWSAFE® certified, Aquatic, Registered Chemical Applicators and professionals protecting our waterways and environment in accordance with the Waikato Regional Council air plan and rules.

“Discover the ultimate solution for your weed spraying needs and experience the transformative benefits of smart riparian restoration streamside. Don’t hesitate to connect with our dedicated team at Cambrilea today, where we are ready to assist you with unparalleled expertise.”

expert riparian planting & weed spraying services

Are you ready to tackle your weed problems or embark on an inspiring streamside restoration project? Look no further than Cambrilea, your ultimate solution provider. We deliver top-notch contract weed spraying services across farms, public lands, and conservation areas in Waikato and neighbouring regions like Auckland and the Bay of Plenty. But that’s not all – we also excel in comprehensive riparian planting services for your stream restoration endeavours.

With a rich history dating back to our establishment in 1997, Cambrilea proudly stands as one of New Zealand’s leading contract weed sprayers. Our vast portfolio boasts countless satisfied clients who have entrusted us with weed spraying and riparian planting needs.

At Cambrilea, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence:

GROWSAFE® Registered Chemical Applicators: Rest assured, our team adheres to the highest industry standards when it comes to handling chemicals safely and responsibly.

ACC WSMP Accredited: We have implemented a robust Health & Safety system that meets ACC WSMP primary requirements, ensuring a secure working environment.

To discuss your unique weed spraying requirements or kickstart your riparian planting project, call Cambrilea at 021 833 221 or request a free quote through our website. Let us be your trusted partner in transforming your land and achieving your environmental goals.

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