Well-planned and executed riparian planting improves streamside ecology as well as the health of waterways. Streamside planting can help with flood control and it enhances water quality as well as the aesthetic appearance of buffer zones around waterways and wetlands.

Cambrilea has been helping with stream restoration through riparian planting in the Waikato and neighbouring regions for many years. In one such project, Cambrilea cleared the ground and established 32,000 plants for Waikato Regional Council.

Cambrilea operates our own farm nursery in Cambridge, growing 17 species for riparian restoration projects, of which 10 species are suitable for TREES for BEES protein. A range of flowering from June to March.


The riparian planting services offered by Cambrilea benefit from the expertise of Helen Lea. The former head landscape architect for Hamilton City Council holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree. She considers the natural attributes of the site, its current condition and the desired outcome before planning the plantings.

So Cambrilea can take care of every aspect of your stream restoration or riparian planting project. This includes getting rid of weeds, selecting and providing suitable self-sustaining and self-seeding plant species, preparing the ground, doing the actual planting and overseeing seedling establishment. We can even provide fencing if required. We will prepare and will present you with a Riparian Plan for your approval, once all the details are collected, so be sure to give us a call with your requirements.

To arrange your stream restoration or riparian planting project, get in touch today and let us help you out.


CWS has undergone significant evolution over the years, and we now operate a 100,000-strong native nursery, providing year-round employment opportunities for our staff. Through this nursery, we supply and undertake planting operations for our native tree mix, catering to diverse needs such as waterway riparian plantings, erosion control, and general landscaping requirements. We welcome projects of all scales, as no job is too big or small for us to handle.

Our nursery services encompass pre-spraying, supplying, and planting the 100,000 native trees grown on-site. The 17 species mix can gain Carbon Credits and Trees for Bees ( Bee feed ten months of the year. ) To ensure the health and vitality of the planted trees. We employ a release trailer equipped with eight knapsacks and a 200L motorised spray tank.

This process, known as Tree Release, involves clearing grass and weeds around the trees, followed by targeted Roundup spraying within a designated area to promote their unobstructed growth.