Californian Thistle Control

Controlling californian thistle

Cambrilea weed management is all about how we slow and stop the invasion of Californian thistle. The key to this success is to know what you are dealing with and arm yourself with the knowledge and understanding of controlling the biological cycle.

The Seed Cycle

Understanding male (pollen-bearing) and female (seed-bearing) plant help us to better control the environment in which Californian thistle thrive.  The germination process starts in spring if the soil has been cultivated and rarely in an established pasture, although they may be involved in the initial establishment of the weed.

Controlling Californian Thistle

To be able to control the thistle we need to focus on reducing the numbers of overwintering shoot buds on the creeping roots in the soil. This is where the Cambrilea team will come and control the Californian Thistle through spraying.  For more information contact us to control your land. 

Californian Thistle Control